Take pictures like you normally would, and share them like you wish you could

Are you tired of hearing “Hey can you send me those photos?”

Are you even more tired of having to create a text, attach photos, enter all recipients, and hit send…each time you send photos…to the same people!?! With pixelFlik, you just snap.


  • Automatically share photos/videos between you and all of your Tribe members.
  • Privately share with only the Tribe members you invited.
  • Cross-Platform sharing is no longer a hassle. Share between iOS and Android without any extra steps.
  • Full Resolution photos/videos mean you no longer have to compromise the quality of your photos/videos when sharing.
  • Permissions can be assigned to your Tribe members, so you control whether they can view, post, manage, or own the Tribe.
  • Offline instant access to your photos/videos even when you have no network connection.
  • Organize your photos/videos into folders that sync to your Tribe members just like Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • Auto-Import photos/videos taken on your device to your active tribe, so that you don’t have to stop to upload (optional).
  • Unlimited Tribes mean you can create a Tribe for your vacation, wedding, baseball team, parents-in-law, high school reunion, and so much more!