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  • Receive photos & video seamlessly from pixelFlik app users
  • Receive photos & video from your mobile devices lightning fast and hassle-free via built-in wi-fi
  • Receive photos & videos in full resolution
  • Always-connected to your HDTV and HDMI for easy, fast viewing of your high fidelity photos & videos
  • Safe, private large storage for all your photos & video (plus an optional offsite archive backup service to pixelFlik Cloud)
  • Access to internet TV features — free and paid online media content including Amazon Video, Youtube, Netflix, web browsing, Skype, internet radio
  • Easy setup and connection to your HDTV and your internet broadband


  • All the functions of pixelFlik and pixelFlik Pro but now there is a home device/hotspot that is always on and connected to your UHD TV
  • More storage than your phone
  • With pixelFlik TV+ model, you have enough storage for your entire digital life
  • Fee for premium services (timeframe TBD for following — storage, cold storage, WarpVPN, video transcoding)
  • Easy viewing and easy access to photo/video with simple UI and controls (a handheld remote even grandma is familiar with and can operate)
  • SD Card slot for expanding your storage

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Device Storage

16GB, 2TB

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  1. 3 out of 5

    That’s the thnkinig of a creative mind

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