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About PixelFlik

PixelFlik is a new kind of photo and video sharing platform that offers a streamlined approach to group sharing your memories with friends and family (what we call tribes) in an instant from any device.

PixelFlik lets you exchange and share full resolution videos and photos with your selected tribes faster and easier than other platforms, with advanced features that can be unlocked to provide VPN security and network acceleration.

Tired of your memories being compressed or their quality getting reduced? We were too, which is why PixelFlik was designed to keep your photos and videos unaltered to offer the best sharing experience and keep your memories crystal clear!

PixelFlik is the only photo and video sharing platform to offer both an app and a set top box, but we know there are countless different devices out there, so you can also share and receive photos and videos on any device using the browser. Our one-of-a-kind device to device sharing easily turns your mobile device into private a sharing hotspot using wi-fi and is perfect for parties and events!

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PixelFlik is brought to you by Badu Networks, Inc.

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