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2016 Cal State Fullerton Concert Under the Stars
5000 People. 3 Jumbo-trons. 2’s. Countless smiles.

Introducing pixelFlik, the easiest way to manage and share your digital life.

Keep photos and videos high-res. pixelFlik doesn’t compress your stuff.

Take pictures like you normally would, and share them like you wish you could.

Don’t Just Share It, pixelFlik It!

 We’re social beings. pixelFlik™ supports our human need for social interactions by making sharing & collaboration pain free.


PixelFlik - Share moments as they happen... not days later


PixelFlik - Everyone on the team stays in the loop

 Time is precious. pixelFlik™ reduces the time, effort, and number of steps it takes to share files, photos & video.

PixelFlik - Automatic sync makes sharing hassle-free
PixelFlik - Collaborate instead of shuttling paper around

 Quality does matter. pixelFlik™ lets you make the most of your high-def devices: full resolution photos & videos provides a much better viewing experience.

PixelFlik - Share full quality images instantly
PixelFlik - See all the details without being in the same room

pixelFlik™ — The Better, Easier, Faster Way

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